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OTC Sports Admin | 5/17/2020 OTC Sports Rules and Recommendations for Covid-19

OTC Sports Rules and Recommendations for Covid-19

OTC Sports Rules and Recommendations for Covid-19

OTC Sports Rules and Recommendations for Covid-19

OTC Sports Rules & Recommendations for COVID-19: 


In addition to the rules and recommendations noted below, all posted park rules/recommendations and state and local guidelines must be followed. Additional guidelines may come from parks or state/local government at any time. Please be prepared to adjust accordingly.  


1.    Anyone exhibiting any symptoms shall not attend the event. Those patrons who consider themselves high-risk, or are overly concerned about the spread of COVID-19, should not attend the event. 

2.    All fans shall practice social distancing. Bring your own chairs. If bleachers are utilized, social distancing is required. If using a tent, limit the usage to members of the same household. Expect to sit spread out down foul lines and behind the fence perimeter in the outfield. Do not congregate in an area. If we have an issue with social distancing of any type the team manager will be asked to rectify the situation immediately. If the situation is not fixed, the game will be declared a forfeit and the team who was not social distancing will be removed from the event.

3.    No non-essential physical contact (handshakes, high fives, etc.) shall take place between teams, coaches, or umpires. No award presentations will take place teams will be handed their awards after the championship. 

4.    Plastic face shields are not allowed since they are not NOCSAE approved. Players may wear other PPE (masks or other face coverings) as long as the equipment does not interfere with the safety of the game.

5.    Teams must sanitize their dugout prior to entering with either a sanitizing spray or a bleach/water mixture and remove all trash from their dugout completely upon leaving. No one is to enter the dugout area until the previous team and coaching staff have vacated the area.  

6.    No sunflower seeds allowed in parks due to spitting. 

7.    No team water coolers are allowed. Players are allowed to bring their own personal jug or cooler. 

8.    Pre-game plate meetings will take place with umpires and coaches positioned 6 feet apart. Umpire fees must be placed in an envelope and presented to the umpires in a way that maintains social distancing as much as possible. 

9.    Pitching and score verification upon completion of the game will be performed verbally. Coaches must verify verbally the runs scored per inning as well as the pitchers’ innings completed and then provide his name to the umpire, who will sign and verify the card for the coach. Once the coach verbally accepts the scorecard and pitching statistics and provides his name to be signed, the scorecard becomes official record, and there will be no opportunity to change the score or pitching statistics.


1.    Teams are asked to vacate the park after their games are over to minimize the capacity of the park. 

2.    In an effort to practice social distancing in the dugouts, coaches are encouraged to set guidelines for players to maintain social distancing when possible. Coaches have the option to position players outside of the dugout, behind the fenced perimeter of the field (i.e. extend the dugout into dead ball territory) if deemed appropriate. 

3.    If the park designates entry and exit locations, please be prepared to abide by their designations. 

4.    To minimize crowd capacity, teams are encouraged to warm up in any open green space outside the normal park confines pre-game. If no such warm up areas exist, parents, coaches, and players are encouraged to wait in the cars until 15 minutes prior to game time to minimize crowd capacity.

Written by: OTC Sports Admin

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